Authors of the Estate: The Origin. March 5th 2015.

The following words and images were produced between March-Dec 2015

One of the poorest areas in one of the poorest boroughs.

So they say.

A place infested with gang culture and crime.

So they say.


In 2014, six residents from this estate came together to write literature.

In 2015, we finished our first book.

We thought,

instead of going down the traditional route of publishing,

let’s put this book into the hands of those who would appreciate it most,

the residents of St.Raph's.


On March 5th 2015 

we put our book through every letterbox in St.Raphael’s Estate

just because we could.

St.Raphaels Estate Authors.jpg

The word author

and the word authority

has the same root meaning.

As a matter of fact,

the word ‘author’ in the original Latin tongue is a term to describe

someone who is a creator,

a master,

an enlarger.

and a sustainer.


So when we say that we are the Authors of the Estate,

we are not just saying we simply write.

We are saying we are the creators,


enlargers and sustainers of the estate.

Those who rule are those who write.

Join us on this journey.

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St.Raphaels Author Kilburn Times.jpg