Authors of the Estate: A Curriculum by Freedom & Balance

Curriculum Aim: “How do we turn our neighbourhood into a publishing house?”

Result: Chalkhill Estate. North West London. 12 weeks. 22 Authors. 1 Book.


Follow us as we turn council houses into publishing houses


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Collaborators needed: locally & globally

Although the Authors of the Estate curriculum is finished, we still need collaborators (both locally and globally) to help us turn the Chalkhill estate into a publishing house.

1. Chalkhill-based sellers. Chalkhill residents. You are eligible to be an official ‘Authors of the Estate’ bookseller. You help build the Chalkhill publishing name and get to keep 100% of all profits you earn.

2. Community leaders. Official or unofficial. We need connected-individuals who can help us create new possibilities with diverse communities.

3. Storytellers. Journalists. Filmmakers. Podcasters. Socialites. Marketing-badmans. We need you to keep our ideas alive, so the work does not just end in Chalkhill. Download our press kit.

4. Educators. We need professionals who can offer their knowledge on creative production to the communities we reach.

5. Producers. We need individuals or groups who can provide financial, resourceful, or logistical support for our work; or at least lead us in the right direction.

6. Distributors. We need distributors who can help get our books into the hands of people who need to read it the most.

7. Supporters. We need people to keep talking about our work; to friends, family and colleagues. The more this is shared with the world, the more “neighbourhoods to publishing house” becomes a reality.