Freedom and Balance is an art college for the artist in everyone. We believe every individual has a unique creative language that can be nurtured through education and community. This unique creative language, if nurtured correctly, can create social, intellectual and financial wealth for its surroundings. We design curricula to grow local creative voices for global benefit. 

Current curriculum: Authors of the Estate

Where we explore the question “how can we turn our council houses into publishing houses?”

Next curriculum: [Untitled] Spring 2020


Andre Anderson Freedom and Balance.JPG

André Anderson

Headmaster of Freedom & Balance. Author. Systems-on-a-napkin drawer.

Andriana Lagoudes Freedom and Balance.JPG

Andriana Lagoudes

Faculty. Filmmaker. Critical Designer.

Abdou Cisse Freedom and Balance.JPG

Abdou Cisse

Faculty. Filmmaker. Globetrotter.